Our Family has been operating in the Marine Industry for 4 generations passing from father to son:
  1. Ernesto Porcari

    date of birth: 1895
    Ernesto Porcari

    Born on 12th August 1895, he was a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, “Ufficiale Superiore” of the Italian Navy and "Knight of the Italian Crown" in 1924. He fought in both World Wars gaining the "Military Medal of Honor of the Italian Navy".

    He started the Marine Surveyor activity in Genoa between the two World Wars in the early 30's. His main activities as Marine Surveyor were focused on casualties and damage investigations on behalf of the Italian Navy (?) and on its own.

    After the WWII he moved to Peru where continued the Marine Surveyor activities while was teaching at the Peruvian School Of Naval Architects. He married the Italian Antonietta Toscani from which he had 5 offsprings. 

  2. Pierino De Angelis

    Pierino De Angelis

    Born in Rome on 14th October 1919, Pierino DE ANGELIS was the husband of Loredana PORCARI (daughter of Ernesto PORCARI). They met during the second World War as Loredana was a nurse on the military field.

    Piero was a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer and learned become a Marine Surveyor working side to side with Ernesto PORCARI starting in 1946 after the Second World War at the age of 27.

    In 1947, Pierino founded the Marine Surveyors Company "STUDIO TECNICO PERITALE DE ANGELIS – INTERVENTI MARITTIMI, CONSULENZE NAVALI E INDUSTRIALI" with Head Office in Genoa and a second office in the Italian Capital, Rome, where he born.

    The activity was focused on Marine Surveys including, casualty investigations, in water inspections and ships evaluations and estimations.

  3. Claudio De Angelis


    Claudio De Angelis

    Claudio is one of the three sons of Pierino and Loredana. He is now the Technical Director of IMASCO Srl – INTERNATIONAL MARINE SEVICES AND CONSULTING other than a Senior Marine Surveyor on the field.

    He studied and graduated as a Doctor in Law (specialized in Marine Law) at the University of Genoa while he was enrolled as an OFFICER of the ITALIAN NAVY/COAST GUARD until 197x.

    Claudio has been operating in the Marine Industry for over 40 Years after taking over his father business Company “STUDIO TECNICO NAVALE DE ANGELIS” which became “IMASCO – INTERNATIONAL MARINE SEVICES AND CONSULTING – MARINE SURVEYORS” in 1975, when he decided to give his Family Business Company the international background it has got nowadays.

    Claudio is also an A.N.A.D.I. Surveyor, Member of the “Register of Surveyor and Qualified Experts” of “CAMERA DEL COMMERCIO DI GENOVA”, Member of the “Ligurian Association of Expert Surveyors and Consultants”, Member of the “Italian National Register of Insurance Claims Assessors” (Marine Sector), Vice President of AIPERT the “Italian Association of Marine Surveyors” and Member of AIPAM - Association of Engineers and Experts in Maritime Casualties.

    In 1985 Claudio and his wife Paola TEODORI had two twins, Luca and Chiara, who joined their father in his business as Marine Surveyor.